Office Build Out in Hagerstown Maryland

Tax Office in Hagerstown.


The Office of Assessments & Taxation Department needed more space.

Office Space Created

Office Space Created

There was side entrance to the building which was not connected to the main office of taxation.

So we opened a wall that connected the two . When we opened up the wall it created room for two offices on the other side .

Room for Two New Offices

Room for Two New Offices

We took down the wall that separated two offices.we took out doors and windows. The two doors were back to back opened that up which made one common  area. Where the Windows we plug those holes with drywall finished three coats and painted. Installed new carpet and cove base.


So now we have a common  area that could entered through side entrance for the staff. Also installed break room with cabinets. Now they needed to build two more offices.

Office build out

Office build ou

So on the adjacent side the main floor with cubicles we able to move around framed two offices drywall and painted, we were able to utilize the Windows and doors that we had removed for the new offices

This job had to be performed after 5:00 and on the weekends required with permits architectural drawings

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