Commercial Renovations

Commercial renovations may seem like a chore, however they’re necessary for a business to grow. Renovation is necessary to create and maintain a positive and productive work environment. Everything, from the floor to the ceiling, affects the ambiance of a space. We have all been in spaces that seem off-putting and unwelcoming; a bad atmosphere can distract both employees and clients. This is the importance of keeping an updated and welcoming environment can never be understated, and that is why we provide all the services needed to make it happen. We can brighten up your space with a fresh new coat of paint. Looking to give your office a more efficient layout? BT Martin sub dividing and reconfigure office space(s) is one of the things we do best. Maybe you want to create a fun and useful space for people to come together and share a meal, at BT Martin, we are no strangers to lunchroom and cafeteria remodelling. Growing faster than you thought and running out of “facilities”? Let use construct new and renovate your outdated restrooms. When the big work is done, BT Martin will also come in to help put the finishing touched on your space; we hang pictures, bulletein boards, whiteboards, and much more!

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