Warehouse Garage turned into Laboratory in Frederick Maryland

BT Martin Contractors got called in to remodel series of garages rented by Columbia Bioscience for labs to grow plants for use in pharmaceuticals. These were primarily to be used to grow algae

Remodeled garage for damp conditions from growing algae and manufactures purified antibodies, fluorescent markers for pharmaceuticals

Converted carpenter shop into bioscience lab to grow plants for pharmacueticals

What We Did

make the walls waterproof ( think the recent movie titled The Martin ) by using FRP Fire Reinforced Fiberglass on the walls
4×8 sheet fiberglass, glue it and stick on the walls

Is a composite material like fiberglass plastic you see in men’s rooms are bathrooms I should say it’s so anywhere there’s a lot of moisture water easy to clean.

tiling the floors with commercial 1ft x 1ft tile

because the garage was previously rented by a contractor who was cabinet maker, a carpenters shop.

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